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ALBA EDITING offers a service, which vastly improves the quality and professionalism of CVs and cover letters.

First impressions are crucial

This is especially true when applying for a job, internship or a position on a course. Even the most experienced, educated and qualified candidate can be overlooked if his/her cover letter and CV are not sufficiently well-written.

ALBA EDITING offers a service that vastly improves the quality, professionalism and appearance of CVs and cover letters with particular attention paid to what the client is applying for.

All CVs and cover letters are handled with the utmost confidence.



For CVs, we advise various ways in which to improve their structure, language, style, and offer suggestions to present experiences and qualifications in the most appropriate manner while also offering successful templates to consider.


Cover Letter

For Cover Letters, we will initially discuss what the Cover Letter will be used for, and, with as much relevant information as possible, begin the process of improving upon the first attempt made by the client.

ALBA EDITING will enhance the Cover Letter in terms of its presentation, structure, style and grammar, before suggesting ways in which a client can present and frame their skills and experience more appropriately.

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