Proofreading Specialists

Have your documents proofread professionally and on time.


ALBA EDITING offers a translation service into and from a combination of three languages: English, Russian and German.



ALBA EDITING offers a thorough and comprehensive professional proofreading service, which is considered the final essential step before a document can be considered truly complete.

CV and Cover Letters

ALBA EDITING offers a service, which vastly improves the quality and professionalism of the two most crucial documents when applying for a position or place on a course.


Expert translation

Alba Editing offers an efficient and experienced translation service, employing a highly-qualified team of professional translators.


Alba Editing will be available after all jobs are completed to answer any questions clients may have about a document, at no extra cost.

Continued success

Alba Editing is a fully-registered entity in the United Kingdom and has been trading since 2011.

Global service

Alba Editing offers punctual and professional services, working with clients in over twenty-five countries.

Our prompt and professional services have seen us work with clients in over twenty-five countries as our client portfolio expands on a daily basis.

Specialists in Proofreading and Translation

Get your documents proofread and translated quickly and professionally.